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Applying for a Property with Us

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of our rental properties.
Here are some steps and extra information about the Ray White Holland Park leasing process.

We encourage all potential applicants who are genuinely interested in applying for a property with us to get a head start and submit their online application in advance via our application portal Snug. This will assist our leasing department to process the required information quickly and enables us to present applications to the property owners as soon as you have seen the property and have confirmed that you wish to proceed with the application.

Click here to watch a quick video on how to apply via Snug

If you would like to inspect one of our rental properties, click on the ‘Request an Inspection’ button in Snug and follow the prompts to complete your details. You will then receive an email from Snug advising if any or what inspection times are available for you to register for. If there are no inspection times listed, the property could already have a pending application, however should another inspection time be opened, you will be notified via email and then you can register for the next inspection. We do our best to accommodate as many inspection times as possible.

Click here to register and start completing your Snug profile

Did you notice the property you enquired on has a video or a virtual tour ready for you to view? More and more tenants are allowing us to come through to take a video to not only help prospective tenants like yourself when looking, but also reduce the number of inspections needed and people coming through their homes when they are still living there. Keep an eye out for play button icons to help you get even more information about whether this is the next home for you.

A few tips to ensure your application is ready to go:
  • Snug is a self-processing product, so ensure all information is entered in correctly, otherwise your application may not be processed
  • Make sure all information you enter is complete
  • Snug will only permit Australian phone numbers to create a Snug profile/ submit an application
  • All persons 18 years+ (including children of that age) are to submit their own application
  • A Primary applicant will need to start the Snug application process and then invite all other applicants by selecting ‘Add Applicant 2/3/4′ and adding their Name, Number and Email. Note: You can’t use duplicate phone numbers or email addresses.
Add in some extra information:
  • About us – quick summary of the household group or even your reason for moving or your reason why you love this home – this goes the owner when we submit your application
  • Current residence – minimum of 2 years address history required
  • Employment – include the contact details of your employer, direct number and email address and be sure to attach 4 most recent pay slips or letter of offer or last 4 Centrelink statements
Documents required to upload – please ensure these are in PDF or JPEG and are legible copies:
  • Most recent bank statement (past 3 months of savings)
  • 100 points of Identification (one of which will need to be a photo ID – I.e. Drivers License/Passport/18+ card)
Other things to keep in mind:
  • Pets – if you can include age, weight, height, breed and pictures (more than 1 if you have extra cute ones)
  • It’s not necessary for you to pay for a background check during an application process, we will ensure we do our own through our agency paid subscription (TICA)

Please be mindful that because you have only just seen this property online might not mean it’s only just been listed.

Please understand when you are registering for an inspection, we might have already had previous open homes, or have pending applications on the property. We hear feedback about how frustrating it can be coming to an open home only to find out the next day the property is leased, however we have to continue to conduct open homes until a new tenant is secured, which means the new approved applicant have signed their lease and made a payment.

We do our best to keep you updated and informed as much as we can.
We know how hard it can be looking for a new home and we hope this extra information helps you to successfully rent a property.

We look forward to being a part of your rental journey.