Property Inspections

Ray White Holland Park carries out Inspections on properties under our Management with a view to keeping our owners informed of the condition of their property and how it is being maintained.  For further information, please download our Routine Inspection Checklist.

Prior to every Inspection tenants have the opportunity to advise Ray White Holland Park of any repairs or maintenance they consider necessary. For further information, please download our Property Inspection Information Guide.

You, the Tenant will be informed in writing with a cover letter and RTA FORM 9 (Entry Notice), giving 7 days’ Notice of when the Inspection will take place.

Our owners are often anxious to see the condition of their property for themselves and may ask us to take photographs both internally and externally of the property upon Inspection. With respect to internal photography we require your permission and ask you to sign the permission form when you sign your Tenancy Agreement.