Tenants with Fur and Paws

By Piers Crawford

Pets are a wonderful addition to families. Studies have shown that they reduce stress in owners but they also teach responsibilities and are great for the health of owners, provided the health of the pet is good.

At Ray White Holland Park, we understand that some investment owners don’t wish to have pets in their rentals and some are okay with them. This means that tenants with pets don’t find it as easy to find a place to call home as tenants without pets.

Why are pets not accepted?

Pets are not accepted in many rentals because they can cause damage to the property. Most times the damage is minor; sometimes it can be considerable. Dogs can damage gardens and lawns, cats can urinate on carpets and scratch surfaces.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that the smell of urine can be quite a challenge to get rid of and if the problem is recurring and has been left untreated, carpets may even need replacing. Carpets can suffer flea infestations, which must also be treated.

Some renters can ruin it for others

Pets, like children, can be hard to control at times. No matter how long a pet has been trained to use a litter or not dig up the yard, sometimes they just do the wrong thing. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the tenant to rectify this problem.

That alone, can be a problem. Some tenants are not responsible when it comes to repairing any damage their pet has caused and this is where they may spoil it for other tenants with pets. Owners are put off by the experience and therefore, they decide not to allow pets in future.

What can pet lovers do?

First and foremost, a tenant must always seek permission from the owner before keeping pets. Failure to do so is a breach of contract and the owner can opt to ask you to leave, or worse, you may have to part with your furry loved one.

Be responsible. Don’t keep a large breed of dog in a small yard or a cat in a tiny unit. Always keep your pet’s health check regular and groom where necessary. If possible, choose a breed that responds well to training and that is known for its good behaviour.

If you wish to find out more about keeping a pet in a rental or professional property management services, visit Ray White Holland Park online at today.

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