Privacy and Freedom Over Socialising and Freedom

By Sharon Ferriman

Privacy and freedom or socialising and freedom is the question to ask yourself when you decide if you are going to live in a house or an apartment.

To help you decide we have gathered some thoughts from the tenants of our professional property management office at Ray White Holland Park.


The title says it all. Both choices offer a modicum of freedom.

The freedom a home offers is that you are able to do what you wish, when you wish in the home or garden without the risk of offending or annoying a fellow resident. If you plan on doing renovations you do not have to ask permission from anybody first like you would in an apartment.

The freedom an apartment or unit offers is that you usually do not have to worry about keeping the lawn neatly mowed or doing any repairs as this is all handled by the body corporate. This allows you the ability to do as you please with your spare time.


The absolute and best privacy you will get is from living in a home. Again, you are not constricted by the desires of everybody living in the building and you are able to do what you will in your own home.

A unit or apartment obviously has a certain amount of privacy but the reality is that you are going to know what your neighbours are doing and when and vice versa.


This is probably the biggest of the lifestyle choices you need to consider. If you are young, free and single then living in an apartment-style building close to the city is very alluring. The ability to jump on a bus or train and visit friends, go to a show or dancing is an ideal life choice for the young and young at heart.

The other bonus of apartment-style living is the supplied and serviced common areas such as BBQ’s, pool, spa, and gym that really give you an opportunity to meet with your neighbours in a comfortable area that is looked after by someone else!

Socialising in a home is completely different as it is usually a more formal arrangement such as making plans and setting dates. Home style socialising is usually more suited to families.


The absolute biggest biggy there is when considering where you are going to live, you will need to think about your budget. This is something that is imperative for you to consider seriously as it will ultimately make or break your living pleasure.

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