Don’t Turn Potential Buyers Off

By Sharon Ferriman

When you are selling real estate you want to be sure that you have everything in your home in order so that potential buyers are impressed. You may take steps such as giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or even larger steps such as renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

Alterations like these can go a long way to catching the buyer’s eye but there are also some easily overlooked things that can put buyers off. If you haven’t heard yet, you should know that when buying a home people usually unconsciously make a decision based on their emotions about things.

This is why it is easy for potential buyers to be put off by things that may go unnoticed by the existing owner. At Ray White Holland Park we pride ourselves in our vast experience and knowledge in the industry and are happy to offer sound advice to our clients at any time. In the meantime, here are some things to keep an eye out for.

Things that make you go ‘Whew!’

It may seem like an obvious thing to ensure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink and that clean ones are put away when buyers come to view homes but believe it or not it doesn’t happen that way. If you have people coming to view your home, get those dishes washed and put away.

Another kind of washing that needs to be done and put away are your clothes. People don’t want to view a back yard with a line full of clothes; sure, they are clean but it’s not the point. Clothes on the line can really detract from the good points about the yard. A really big no-no is underwear on the line.

If you have cats and usually keep a litter tray inside, move it. It doesn’t matter how well loved or how cute your cat is, a litter tray in the home, especially if used, is not a good look, or a good smell. Odours are a really big killer in home sales.

This brings us to our next big no-no. If your home is a little on the nose, for whatever reason such as cooking smells or dirty carpet, do what you can to fix this. Get the home professionally cleaned and deodorised; wash curtains if ecessary. Bad smells are a really big turn off. This includes body odour so don’t go and work out at the gym for an hour beforehand and then neglect to shower.

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